12 Cakes of Christmas | Stacey Marble Photography

12 Cakes of Christmas

32 cups of sugar
40 cups of flour
65 cups of powdered sugar
30 cups of butter
12 cups of cream
9 cups of buttermilk
4.5 cups of canola oil
77 eggs
9 cups of cocoa
8 oz. of cream cheese
6 cups of cream cheese
Also Oreos, coconut, vanilla, sour cream, peanuts, almonds, chocolate and butterscotch chips, strawberries, graham crackers, marshmallows and more.
Plus a constant pile of dishes, hours in the kitchen and more exhaustion than I thought 😂
This is what it took for 12 Cakes of Christmas.

Travis had this crazy idea in October to make 12 cakes in December. Originally we were going to give an entire cake away each day, but, I hadn't made all of these before and wanted to try some so it made more sense to give away large pieces rather than a whole cake with one slice cut out of it, ha ha!

It was a joy to get out and talk to so many of my friends and neighbors as I dropped off a surprise piece of cake. My favorite still remains the dulce de leche, but the almond joy and candy bar ones were also pretty divine. (I mean, all of them were good, but I am rather picky, especially when it comes to frosting.)

It was a fun project to involve both my love of baking, cake decorating and photography!



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