Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homecoming 2015

 Logan High School had their homecoming a couple of weeks ago and this group
asked me to take some photos for them.
It was a fun group of kids and they had me laughing through the whole session.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary

I got to photograph another 50th wedding anniversary last month.
I actually really love those. They're always so happy and full of love.
I can't actually remember the names of the couple who had been married
for 50 years since their daughter in law was my main contact, but they
were the sweetest people ever.  They actually only live about a half
mile from my house. They also make their own chocolates which they were
kind enough to give me a taste (meaning a whole box) and they are DELICIOUS!

I don't think we had the entire family, but pretty close.

 They had the little party in their backyard, which was so gorgeous,
and the decorations were beautiful as well.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Too quiet for too long

Lately I've been thinking about this photography business.
I haven't been the best at getting my name out there, blogging, keeping
up on all of my social media posts, ect. I'm going to try and be better at that.
First of all, for those that don't know me too well, let me introduce myself.
I live in Logan, Utah. I am married to the most amazing man (going on 3 years now)
 who is a constant support to me.

Photo Credit: Brianna Nichole Photography
We have a one year old boy who I can't imagine life without and one
more little one on the way.

Photo Credit: Rachel Hudson Photography

I grew up in West Jordan, Utah with 4 brothers and wished for a sister for
the first half of my life. I loved sports growing up and currently
play handball 3 times a week. If you haven't played, you should try it someday. :)

I first moved to Logan 8 years ago to start school at Utah State.
I started out as a painting & drawing major, until I took a painting class and
realized it just wasn't my thing.  I had avoided the photo 1 class for as long
as I could.  It's not that I didn't enjoy taking photos, but I was terrified of film.
I knew nothing about it. I signed up for the class, and I loved it. 
I continued on the photography path. In college, they focus a  lot more on fine art
than they do wedding photography, but that just seemed to be the only thing I could
think of that interested me in the photo realm. My last 2 years of college I was able
to focus solely on my wedding photography. It consisted of asking a lot of already
married people if they still had their wedding dresses and if they'd be willing to
be my models. I had a ton of fun with it. And 2 years ago I graduated with my BFA in photography.

I've been so thankful that I've still been able to have this photography business on 
top of being a stay at home mom.  It's truly what I love to do. I don't even consider it a job. :)

So, next up on the blog is a 50th wedding anniversary I shot a couple weeks ago, and after that,
who knows what I'll have to share. But I promise, I'll be more talkative. :)
Utah Wedding/Family Photographer