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Sally & Kai Wedding | Stacey Marble Photography | Mt. Timpanogas Temple Wedding

Sally & Kai Wedding
This was my first wedding since the start of Covid-19. These guys handled it like champs. They were lucky enough to be able to be sealed in the temple of their choice, which was Mt. Timpanogas. I'd never even been to this temple in Utah Valley before, but it is GORGEOUS! And we were blessed with some great spots off the grounds to take photos with the temple in the background since we had limited time on the grounds.

Sally and Kai had only known each other for a matter of months, but everything just seemed to fit together perfectly for them. It's so beautiful to see family and friends of both the bride and groom come together to celebrate these 2 people that they love.

We wore some masks for a few photos to document this crazy year that they got married. Scroll down to see more of these lovely people and their unique touches to their wedding day!

I forgot that Kai was a twin until the speeches at the luncheon. It was such a great speech--so touching and ful…

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