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San Diego Vacation 2021

San Diego Vacation 2021 We got to go to the beach this year! I rented a condo right on the beach so that we could go hang out there anytime we wanted. We stayed at Pacific beach, right by the pier. It was pretty much the perfect set up.  The kids loved the sand, Sam still loved the waves. Travis picked up boogie boarding and I just loved being near the ocean. 2018 vs 2019 Love these 3 little friends. Travis made sure we took another photo just like my favorite from 2019. It had been my phone screen saver for 2 years. We spent a full day at Legoland and the kids loved it just as much this time as they did 2 years ago. We went in October last time, it was not crowded at all, the weather was lovely and you could walk onto most rides. This time around it was hotter and more lines, but the last hour we could walk onto anything. :) If you haven't made it out to San Diego yet, we highly recommend it. SO many things to do, great beaches and fun for all ages. If you have been, what's yo

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