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Voorhees Family | Stacey Marble Photography | Tunnel Springs Family Photos

Voorhees Family Photos | Tunnel Springs
I met Alison our freshman year of college at USU. We've remained friends ever since. When she and Russell got engaged they asked me to take their engagement photos--pretty sure that was my first engagement shoot. :) I was so excited! They've been asking me to take photos ever since, which means, they have seen my progress in a way that many others have not. I'm so so thankful for their constant support and trust in me.
I hadn't met little Hayden before this session. He's almost one and is the cutest little boy with the best hair. And little Lyla is a full on 3 year old with the personality to match!! Absolutely love it and how much her personality shines through in these photos. Porter was just so helpful and cute and perfect during our session. 
I'd never been to Tunnel Springs Park in Salt Lake before, but I'd heard a lot about it from other photographers. And it is gorgeous! There sure were a lot of other people t…

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