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Turner Family Photos | Stacey Marble Photography | Utah Winter Session

Turner Winter Family Photos  Jordan and I became friends in High School. I knew her sister Brooke as well. We ran cross country together, had the best times laughing all the time, especially with our friend Janae, and she is just an all around incredible person. I loved getting to know her family a bit along the way as well. She has been in living in France doing some amazing work, which is where she met her husband. They got married almost 3 years ago in France and we got to go to one of their receptions in San Diego, which was a great excuse to go on a vacation. :) Her mom said that this is the first time in about 8 years that they have all been home together! Brooke and her adorable family live out of state as well. I was beyond thrilled to get to see them during the Christmas Break! It was a harder year for families to get together, especially those who had to travel, so I'm glad it all worked out for them. It was windy and cold for this session, so we kept it short and were ab

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