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Jessica | Portrait Photography | Stacey Marble Photography

I've shared my story with Jessica on here before with other sessions I've done with her. We go way back to 7th grade. It's amazing to look at us now and see where each of us is at and what we've accomplished. Jess has been a therapist and is currently working on more of her own stuff. I participated in one of her programs last fall. It was kind of a life coaching thing, not sure exactly what she calls it, ha ha! But it changed my life and she is amazing! Between the two of us we now have 5 kids. Her little girl is going to be just like her, I can already tell. Ha ha!  Being friends with Jessica, especially in high school, wasn't always the easiest thing. She was/is just the nicest, friendliest person you'll meet. She was on the student council and was student body president our senior year. I remember walking down the hallways with her trying to have a conversation completely in vain. She was always waving and saying hi to EVERYONE. I realized that if I really…

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