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My Love Story: Part 3

October 12th!  Earlier that week, Travis had told me we were going on a date that Friday night. I was a little suspicious, because we hadn't really planned a date in a while, we just did stuff.
Amanda was certain that he was not proposing. He was a slow mover, there's no way he'd propose yet. So I questioned it.
I had an art show up on campus from my time in Germany. My parents came up on the 12th to see it. They took Travis and I out to lunch at noodles and company. It was also my mom's birthday (which makes it an easy date to remember.)  Travis headed back to work and my parents were dropping me off at my apartment complex. I asked my dad if Travis had asked for permission to marry me. He said no. And asked "Why? Do you think he's going to ask you to marry him?" I said yes. He asked "when?" I didn't want to say "tonight" so I just said soon.

That evening, instead of going on our planned picnic, we went to Bluebird Cafe, because …

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