Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family photos and snow!

I have been busy this month! It's been so great!
I got to photograph this lovely couple the week before Christmas.

Dustin and I met our freshman year at USU.
Now he and his wife live basically down the street from
Travis and I so we see them around occasionally.

We headed up to 2nd dam to take some photos and found snow!
I love the above photo, the snow with that beautiful green moss...mmmmm. :)

Plus, we could not have had better lighting. It was beautiful!

Our second location was an old building here in Logan. I don't even know what it used to be.
I've heard it's a hot spot for photos so we tried it out, and I think I'm sold, it's got some
pretty good variety.
Had a ton of fun with these two though!

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 OK, different day, same location, I got to work with this awesome family. 

And we had snow down here in the valley which I was so thankful for!
I think it just made the photos a bit more magical.

I was really nervous that these little ones were going to freeze
but it actually turned out to be fairly warm.
And this little baby on the left had an adorable sweater outfit to keep him warm anyway. :)

Also, I could not get enough of these little kids.
So adorable!!

LOVE that little hat!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

50 years of marriage

I got to photograph this family of Giants fans over Thanksgiving break.
They were so much fun and made my job a breeze.
They wanted an indoor location since they were wearing t-shirts
and we weren't sure what the weather would be like. 

So, the mom decided it might be fun to do bleachers.
We ended up at an indoor swimming pool in Kearns.
That was definitely a first for me.

However, it ended up working out just fine!
Surprising sometimes to see what things you can come up with. :)

These kids were so great, and that youngest girl, such a doll. She loved the camera.

I also had the opportunity last weekend to photograph a 50th wedding anniversary party.

This couple got married in Logan and then had their wedding reception at the Bluebird in Logan.
So, they had their party/reception/open house 50 years later at the Bluebird with their family.

It was so neat to see this couple with their family.
It's amazing what 50 years can bring.

I love this photo of them with all of their grandchildren!  So sweet. 

Also, their were so many cute kids there.

And this was probably my favorite photo of the day,
he may have been a little bored. :)

Congrats to this couple! 50 years and going strong.
They are such an inspiration, I loved getting to know them a bit.

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