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Baby Julia

My newest niece! She came a day before her due date. One day before Harry Potter's birthday. (Much to my brother's dismay I think, ha ha!)
Matthew called me on a Thursday morning around 11:00. I answered with "Did you have a baby?!"
Here's how that conversation went down:

Matthew: Yup
Me: What time was she born?
Matthew: 6:25
Me: What time did you get to the hospital?
Matthew: About 7:00
Me: What?
Matthew: She was born on the side of I-80.
Me: WHAT?!?!

Ha ha! As they were driving to the hospital Mary told Matthew that she was having a baby and to call 911. They told him to pull over. The baby came, he pulled off the car seat cover and followed their directions to clean out the mouth and nose. They then told him to wait a minute before tying off the umbilical cord. He frantically undid his shoelace to use that to tie it. A few minutes later an ambulance showed up and he said a bunch of people piled out, but they said everything looked great and asked if they wanted a ride or to drive their car. Matthew was firm that they take the ambulance. (I don't blame him.) The only response I had for the first few minutes was "Oh my gosh!" I mean, I've heard stories like this, and know one other person who didn't make it to the hospital, but to have it happen to my own brother. 😂

I got to meet little Julia 2 weeks later and she is the sweetest. Her big brother loves her and it was so fun to photograph these sweet moments in their home. The cat was even invited to join the family photos. Scroll down to see all the cuteness!!

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