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Dandelions & Kids

Have you ever gone on a trip and just sat in awe at the beauty of the new place you were visiting? Travis & I have often said that we live in a beautiful place as well, we just get used to it. Our very backyard is one such place. At least, for a short while longer it is, until they build some houses on it. :) Just a big field, and at this time every year it's full of dandelions. I try to get photos here of the kids every year.

This year was especially fun. The kids love watching the movie Onward and Tyler has been obsessed with going on quests for phoenix gems. So one day Travis took them on a bike ride and pretended that the dandelions were phoenix gems. So now every time Amelia sees a dandelion, she calls them phoenix gems. It was so cute watching her in this field full of them!

Also, just know that it's not just your kids who "misbehave" during family photos. I barely got a decent photo of all 3 of them looking at the camera. But I'm in love with all of the personality that showed up in these photos. The one below, it appears that Tyler accidentally licked the dandelion, ha ha! These are the photos that I LOVE to look back on, so that I can really remember what these kids were like.

She is a daddy's girl for sure.

Just some kids sitting in a field.


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