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Cheap Date Ideas

1. Picnic at the park
Pack your own or grab some take out!

2. Hiking
Go enjoy the outdoors that surround you! Don't love hiking like Travis and myself? Go for a nature walk instead. ;)

3. Movie Marathon
A friend of mine recently told me that she and her husband watched all 3 extended versions of The Lord of the Ring in one day. What a great time to eat all the junk food you want and cuddle with each other.

4. Paint by Number
This one isn't necessarily free, but Travis and I bought a couple of paint by numbers on canvas for about $11 each on amazon. It's already given us a few at home date night opportunities, and will probably provide for at least a dozen more. Ha ha!

5. Board Games
Find some games you both like and play at home, or grab some friends for this one! We have a group of friends that we get together with every 3 weeks to play games at someone's house. It's so much fun to play and socialize, and is pretty much a guaranteed date night once a month!

6. Bike Ride
I have learned to love bike rides. I used to be a runner, but I've found biking to be a lot more practical. ;) You can get to places a lot faster with a bike, and even take the kids in a seat or trailer. So pick a place to go and bike there! We're fans of biking to get ice cream and donuts at our house.

7. Test Drive Cars
Not something we do. Basically ever. Unless we're actually looking or a new vehicle. But I know some people who enjoy it.

8. Ice Cream/Walk Date
We love going up to Aggie Ice Cream and then walking around campus while we eat our ice cream cones.

9. Go Tour Your Own Town with a Camera
As a photographer, I enjoy this one. Actually, it was Travis' idea first. He used to make me take my camera with us when we'd go out so I could try and branch out and be creative in a different way. One night we even tried our hand at some long exposures and we loved the result. It was fun to try something new together.

10. Make a Meal and Dessert
Go all out and make a nice meal and dessert, then enjoy it together. Light some candles if you want. ;)

11. Go to an Art Gallery
There are often "gallery walks" where the different art galleries have new pieces and they give out little refreshments. I always feel very cultured after these evenings, ha ha!

12. Go to the Lake
Obviously this depends on where you live. But bear lake is only a short drive away and $5 for parking! Make a day out of it, and include the picnic in there. ;)


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