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Baby Peyton

Got to meet my new niece last week and she is the cutest little thing! Seriously so perfect. And these sister pictures?? I cannot get over how darling they are. I love photos of kids and their new baby sibling. We found a great little studio in Lehi, UT (check out Portraits by Andra to find out more) that kept us out of the cold for this fun little family/newborn session. 

Fun fact, my husband has known Tamara longer he's known me, and longer than Colton has known her. They met in college, the same apartments where Travis & I met. Colton moved in when he started college and that's when he and Tamara met. Colton headed on a mission a bit later and they wrote the entire time he was gone. I met Tamara while Colton was on his mission, and married his brother while he was still gone.

He got home and a year later he and Tamara were married. 6 1/2 years later they've got these 2 beautiful little girls.

Another fun fact, people often think Tamara and I are sisters. Even before we were technically related. We don't really see it, but assume it's the brown hair? I do, however, think that Tyler and Mercedes definitely look related. :)

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