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Morris Extended Family Photos

Marci & I grew up together. She's a couple years younger than I am, but our mom's are best friends. We ran cross country together in High School and I photographed her wedding 6 years ago. I hadn't seen her in person in years. But, this year her husband's family needed family photos and I was the lucky photographer! It was so fun to meet her 3 kids, and reconnect with them for a minute.
This family chose a gorgeous location!! When I got there I was instantly in love with this golden grass and the wintry background. It was a warm 50 degrees compared to the cold teens we've had in Logan, but I think I was the only one who thought it was on the warm side of things.
Their youngest daughter is leaving on a mission in a month and a half, and a son engaged to be married, so it was a great time to get some group photos done.

I really enjoy photographing extended families. It's so great to see the connection of family members. Grandparents and their grandkid photos are an all time favorite of mine. With young grandchildren there's almost always at least one kid crying, or several unhappy, but I think they're still adorable and show the lovely chaos of family.

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