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Having Happy Kids for Family Photos

When you have young kids (or, let's be honest, any aged kid,) getting family photos can seem daunting. Trust me, I've got a 3 year old, and I know how the tantrums go. So, I've got a few tips to try and help things go as smooth as possible when it comes to the kids.

Quick Sessions
First and foremost, I try to move things along quickly. I get as many shots of the little kids as I can within the first few minutes of the session. In an extended family session the families with young children generally take precedence over those without. :)

Let Them Play!
Kids are full of energy and they love to play. Guess what? That's ok. I am a professional at taking photos of kids playing, I have 3 of my own, and I cherish the photos of them doing what they love. So, in between the posed family photos, I'm fine letting them play, it even gives us a chance to grab a few quick shots of just mom and dad!

Play WITH Them!
Another opportunity to let the kids use their energy and capture some interactive, fun photos with the whole family! Ring around the roses, tickle fights, throwing kids in the air, ect. You name it, we can do it. These can show so much emotion and personality, I promise you'll love the results.

Never underestimate the power of a bribe. I usually have smarties with me to use if needed. They're perfect, cause they're small and not messy!
Let Them Have Some Control
Does your child have a favorite shirt? A little toy that never leaves his side? A blanket attached to her arm at all times? Don't be afraid to let them wear the shirt or bring the toy. Again, just a part of the stage of life you're in. And those things don't have to be in ALL of the photos, I promise.

Most of All, Don't Stress
I guarantee that your kids are not the only kids acting the way they act during a photo session. It's normal. The calmer you stay, the better. Kids feed off of other's emotions, so no need to add to the commotion. ;)


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