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A Little About Me

I'm Stacey. On any given day you'll find me at home with 3 little kids, my hair up in a bun and my socks mismatched. We have random dance parties to "toddler time radio" on our Amazon echo almost daily, and you'd have to pay me a LOT to show those dance moves in public. ;) My husband is my favorite person and still the most selfless man I've met. I've always had a love for musicals and sports. Sports won in High School and I ran track and cross country every year, although I wasn't very fast. Since then I've enjoyed Handball and Pickleball consistently. But handball is of course my favorite. And it seems the older I get, the more competitive I am...which I am not sure is a great thing.

I remember taking pictures at my brother's wedding in Nauvoo, Illinois with my little point and shoot camera and thinking (incorrectly, I'm sure) that my photos were just as good as the hired photographer's. That's when I first thought about taking wedding photos one day. It wasn't until several years later that I purchased my first "nice" camera and began my education in photography at USU. And although I gained lots of education during my 5 years of college, the most important things I gained from that time were some lifelong friends. 

I never loved traveling. I mean, I liked going on vacation once a year, but beyond that I was fine to stay home. After my mission I ended up going to Belize with my parents, Missouri for a national handball tournament and Germany for study abroad all in a matter of months. I've learned to love travel and discovering new places. And if I could pick once place to go, it would just need to have a nice, warm beach. My husband and I went on a cruise with my brother and his wife this last year and I would definitely do that again. :)

I love what I do and I'm blessed to be able to do it on top of raising my kids.🧡 Thanks for following a long and supporting me in so many ways!


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