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What Makes a Good Photographer?

Obviously, there's lots of things that make a photographer a good one. So perhaps the better question, is what makes a photographer good for YOU? Here's a few things to consider when looking for someone to document those special moments in your life.

1. Communication
How well you and your photographer communicate is pretty important. If there's poor communication from the start, the chances that something is going to be misunderstood is greater than not. I always try to be helpful in letting my clients know times and dates as well as getting them a list of locations and tips for their session.

2. Consistency
If you're just getting a glimpse of what a photographer posting on instagram you may not be seeing the whole picture. Make sure to ask for a full gallery if they don't have one available so that you get a better idea of what you'll actually be getting back from them so you're not surprised or disappointed.

3. Posing
Do you have a preference as to what kind of posing you like? Some photographers stick to more traditional "smile and look at the camera" poses, others love the candid shots, some like a good mix. What fits you and your personality? Pay attention to the photos that you see from the photographers you're looking at and find the ones you love.

4. How many photos do you get?
I may give too many photos back, but I'd rather err on the too many end than the too less end. Think about how important this is to you when looking for a photographer. You may love someone's work, but not be willing to pay their price for only a few images.

5. Turn around time
How quickly will your photographer get your edited photos back to you? This could depend on the type of session, but it can vary from days to weeks to even months. I do my best to get any type of session back in a few days, or at least under a week. I hate the wait to see what the photographer got on camera, so I try and make that wait minimal for my clients.

What other thoughts or experiences do you have about what makes a good photographer?? Feel free to share with me in the comments below!


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