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Salt Lake Valley Location Guide

Memory Grove, Salt Lake

This gorgeous park right next to the capitol building is large and has SO MUCH to offer! There are a couple of stone structures, a large pond, trees, ivy wall, steps, trails and a pretty bridge over the river. One of my favorite places to go in Salt Lake City. It's also pretty in the winter.

Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake

There is a great amount of variety at the capitol building. In the spring there's a couple weeks where all the trees around the property blossom. The rest of the area has some great options as well. I love the white building. Inside has some natural light during the day that you can work with as well!

Murray Park

Another large park with lots to offer. Great place to find a little bit of shade under the trees if needed.

Draper Park

Similar to Draper park above. I love the hanging trees shown below. Good place to get a little bit of variety.

Daybreak, South Jordan

This is a fun place with some pretty docks and a lake. The biggest downside is there are no big trees, so the best time is definitely just before sunset.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

So many places you could go up there, below these were taken just off the side of the road. :) It's so pretty basically anywhere you go.

Storm Mountain Campground

The couple below picked this one out because they loved camping and had camped there. I'd never been there and I loved it! The gorgeous river, long golden grass and tall rocky cliff in the background. Such a gorgeous place.

Layton Park

Huge park with a water feature, a nice bridge, some rocky areas, plenty of trees and a big open grassy field.

Wheeler Farm, Murray

This place also provides a lot of variety. It does cost $10 to do a session there. But it's got some great options, from the bridge, to the trails and the river around back.

Gardner Village, South Jordan

This place is so cute with a nice little pond and cute buildings all around. There's a nice bridge and plenty of trees and flowers to add variety.

Salt Lake Temple

The most beautiful temple grounds! They are so big, so many flowers, trees, some water features. 

Jordan River Temple, South Jordan

The grounds at this temple are a decent size. And as always, they are beautifully landscaped.

Liberty Park, Salt Lake

I've never photographed here, but it's a huge park with lots of variety.


Studio 1918, Salt Lake City

Love this natural lit studio and all it has to offer.

Tunnel Springs, Salt Lake City

This is a gorgeous open field, with a little variety of the tall grasses and the wooden fence. Definitely best at sunset due to the lack of shade.


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