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Logan Family Photos

We got some family photos done by our friend Kristi, who is kind enough to let me edit them. :) 5 years ago, when Sam had just turned one, we got photos taken at this same park in Logan. It's close to our home and has a pretty great variety. I love it! We had family photos with my entire family on our bear lake trip this summer, but I was taking them, and although I had my brother snap a few of my family, I love getting our own, where we can just focus on our kids and get what we want. It's THAT important to me. Below is a then & now comparison of that session we did 5 years ago. I can't believe how quickly time has passed and how much has changed! We've got 3 kids! They keep us busy beyond believe, but I'm in love with them and each stage (although 3 year olds are the worst) that they are at.
To be honest, Amelia wasn't too thrilled to be contained for photos. She wanted to be running around everywhere! But that's life! I always tell my clients with little kids that same thing. We are capturing your reality right now. Of course I always do my best to get at least one good photo where everyone is smiling, I appreciate having that one to hang on the wall, but I also think it's so fun to be able to look back and see who my kids WERE, not just what they looked like. 

I'm pretty sure Sam's face above in the middle picture is how he's gonna be as a teenager during family photos. And Tyler's random huge hugs around my neck down below just melt my heart.

Also, this guy is amazing. We're going on 7 years of marriage this winter. He's still the kindest most giving person I know. He's the world's best dad, hardest worker and greatest husband. 


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