Gabbi & Scott Wedding Formals | Stacey Marble Photography | Salt Lake Temple

Gabbi & Scott Wedding Formals

These pictures are DREAMY!! Gabbi & Scott have been so fun to work with, mostly because it doesn't feel like work at all! I couldn't pick just a few to share, I tried, but that's fine, more for you to enjoy! Gabbi knew a friend who had the wedding dress of her dreams, and it turns out she still had it and it was just Gabbi's size! It looks gorgeous on her!!

These two are some of the kindest people you'll meet. They completely deserve each other. They met earlier this year, after Gabbi had returned from her mission and moved back up to Logan for school. He noticed her at once and it didn't take too long for her to catch on. He managed to surprise her with an engagement ring at the Salt Lake Temple. We got a photo of them under the same tree where he proposed! They were so relaxed and happy during their formals session, a true joy to work with! So excited for them to finally be married!

Scott had a request to recreate a photo that his parents have of themselves in front of the Salt Lake Temple, pictured down on the left. I love when things get sentimental.

It was in this spot, right underneath this tree where Scott surprised Gabbi with a ring. There was a photographer on the grounds that saw and snapped a few photos for them--and she got to shoot their wedding day! Ha ha!


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