Dusk to Dawn Relay | Stacey Marble Photography | Utah Bonneville Salt Flats

Dusk to Dawn Relay
Bonneville Salt Flats

Two of my brothers (pictured below) put together a race at the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was the first event that they've organized and it was a great success! Watching them plan this party/race was exhausting enough, I can't even imagine being in charge of it! You could sign up for the race as a team or on your own. There was a 2 mile loop marked out on the salt flats, whatever team ran the most laps from dusk to dawn won. So many challenges--like, no electricity for lights, having to light the course up since it's dark, ect.

I had never been to the salt flats before, but I showed up before it started to take team photos and I loved getting silhouette shots here! Perfect place for it. It is a gorgeous, unique spot...and you get salt all over your shoes and car when you're there. :)
I left a little after the race started and it was such a party! Almost made me miss running. Ha! I was so impressed with how things were run. There were prizes, activities & mini competitions throughout the night and a pancake breakfast in the morning. I'm so proud of my brothers for putting their minds to something and getting it done.  If you're into running and having a good time with friends, check out their event at

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