Displaying your photos

Ideas For Displaying Photos In Your Home

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to printing and displaying your photos. First, you've got to decide what you want. Do you want things hanging on your walls? Sitting on shelves? Framed? Unframed? Matted? Or maybe a good solid mix of these options? Let's start from the beginning.

What To Print
Regular prints, canvas, metal prints, glass... There are many, many options now. I feel like the most common are photo prints and canvases. I generally print photos and stick them in frames on my walls. I would love to prints some canvases, but I have such a difficult time deciding on a photo, because canvases cost more, therefore (in my mind) it's gonna stay on the wall longer than a print that I replace twice a year. We printed a large print of each one of our kids at the age of one on aluminum and hung them in our room.

Where To Print
I personally print most all of my large prints at Mpix.com. I have loved their quality, never had any issues and I get my products fairly quickly.
I usually print my smaller photos at Shutterfly.com because they don't cost as much. I've also been pleased with their work and quality. Although I will admit they're not as consistent as mpix.
For canvases, I haven't printed any for myself, but I have for clients, and the best I've seen for the price has been at cgproprints.com. They are a bit thicker than most which I like. I've also used easy canvas prints, and haven't heard any complaints there.

How To Hang
We are completely sold on command velcro strips over here. No more nails, no more holes in the wall, no more trying to get things perfectly level! (That last one is honestly probably the biggest perk.) My husband used to map things out with tape on the wall before making any holes, and I just let him do his thing, because that's completely not how I would have done it, but it was getting done, so I wasn't going to say anything. With these strips you can get it mostly level, but if it's a little off, no big deal! You can take it off the velcro, adjust it a little as you stick it back on!
There are obviously other options, but we've found this one to work the best for us. (Unless you're hanging something ridiculously large and heavy, then we suggest you get some hardware.)

Other Options
I would love to have some floating shelves in our living room to display photos in frames next to some home decor. I like having the option to change things up easily if I want to, and I think this is one of the best options for that. I have a collage of sorts mapped out on my wall, and while I can still change the photos in the frames, I'm stuck with the decor and configuration long term.

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or things that you love to do when it comes to displaying your photos in your home!


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