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Cache Valley Location Guide

Cache Valley has some beautiful options when it comes to places to get your photograph taken. I don't have them all (there's always more to be found) but here's a list of the places I've photographed and loved to help you find what it is you're looking for!

Green Canyon, North Logan
This has definitely been one of the more popular ones over the years for me. But that's because it's pretty ALL YEAR LONG! It has some piney type trees that stay green, the tall grass that turns yellow in the summer and fall, a little bride and water feature. If I'm ever in doubt about where to go due to the lack of color everywhere else, this is a fail safe. Plus it has the mountains in the background!

Mendon, UT
This gorgeous location has a nice big field with tall grass and some beautiful mountainous scenery in the background. I feel like we made a trip to Hawaii every time I look at photos taken here, ha ha!

USU Campus, Logan
This is my husband's favorite spot to get photos taken. In the spring you can find blossoms, the summer provides plenty of greenery and flowers. And, if you're Aggie alumni like ourselves, you can always get a classic shot on the A. :)

Paradise, UT
These rolling hills might give you the feeling you're in the scene of the sound of music where she's singing on the hills. Across the street is another field, but it provides some variety with trees and the occasional group of wildflowers depending on the time of year.

Denzel Stewart Nature Park, Logan
Another family favorite. We've taken our own photos here twice in 4 years. It's a bit of a hidden gem down on the island in Logan. It's just a big grassy field with a sidewalk and trees that circle the entire thing. It's a great option if you need to start earlier than normal and need some shade. There is also a river you can get to on one side of the park, as well as a bridge that crosses over up high. This space is generally prettiest late spring/summer and early fall while there are leaves on the surrounding trees.

Mack Park, Smithfield
This is an even better option if you need to start early. In fact, if you're going to shoot here, I suggest you start early, cause it gets dark faster. It's at the foot of the canyon and has lots of large pine trees. Also includes a river, 2 bridges and a trail across the street with some options as well.

Merlin Olsen Park, Logan
This is a nice big park on Center Street. Very shady, has some features that can give you more of an urban feel, such as the cement tunnel. There's a shallow river here.

Von Bear Park, Providence
This one is very hidden. It's a beautiful little place that provides a good amount of shade, has a river with a couple options for bridges, some tall grassy spots and lots of trees. Again, best from late spring to early fall.

Mantua Reservoir
Maybe you've driven by here before. Obviously what you can see makes for a nice place to take photos with the water in the background. But, did you know you can go behind the reservoir and find some great backdrops for your photos as well? You can. :)

Brigham Campgrounds
This is a good option most of the year as well. (maybe not so much in the winter...haven't tried it out yet.) Big open fields, some trees, fall colors when you need them and tall green grass in the spring, turns yellow in summer/fall.

Logan River Trail
I haven't taken many photos here, but it's a pretty trail that follows the river, so you've got a couple options for bridges, the water feature and pretty trees and sometimes flowers along the way.

Second Dam
Love this place. If you want water in your photos, this is always a good option. And as you can see below, it's beautiful in the winter as well! I love the boardwalk feel along the water, as well as the options for the dirt trail with trees lining the sides.

Spring Hollow
A little further up Logan Canyon than second dam is Spring Hollow campground. It's gorgeous there! Very shady, you can get right next to the water, has a little waterfall up top and during the right time of year you can find wild flowers growing along the trails.

Tony Grove Lake
This one is a 45 minute drive from Logan, up Logan canyon, but the view is worth it. You generally can't get to it until June, (due to snow) but during the summer you've got a beautiful lake and TALL pines mixed with these large boulders. It's a photographers playground I tell ya.

Logan Temple
There's almost always pretty flowers here, and the trail along the side of the property is gorgeous!

Canyon Road Park, Logan
This is a small park on the side of the road, but it's got some pretty features including an open grassy area and some big trees.

Willow Park, Logan
There's a little pond with some trees. Not a whole lot of variety, but nice for something small and simple. :) And as you can see below, the fall colors are quite gorgeous if you catch them at the right time.

Bear Lake Overlook, Garden City
This one is definitely more of a drive, 45 minutes or so, but if you're in the bear lake area, it's a really great spot to get some photos taken. I love the quaking aspens and the tall green grass with pretty flowers.

Downtown Logan/Main Street
Not a whole lot of options for an urban feel in Logan, but if you go downtown to the shops and old buildings you can find some things to work with. Especially if you head behind the shops.

Hyrum Dam
I've never photographed at Hyrum Dam, I'll update this with photos if I ever do, but it's also a nice place if you're looking for a large body of water.


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