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Tips for Beginner Photographers

1. Don't stress about what camera you have
You've got a nice camera, great. Just start with that. Better gear isn't going to make you a better photographer. YOU are going to make you a better photographer. Learn to use what you have.

2. Learn to shoot on manual mode
In order to get the image you want, you need to be in control. Shooting in manual involves knowing about shutter speed, aperture and iso. Controlling those 3 things will help you get the correct exposure and save you time in post processing.

3. Don't rush it
Take a minute to figure out what it is you want to create. Don't just snap away at your subject. Be intentional as you photograph. Anyone can take a picture, so think about what you're doing before you press that button, and try creating something.

4. Try different angles
Get down, get up, move over. Straight on isn't always the best or most interesting way to photograph things. It certainly has a place, but move around and see for yourself what looks best to you!

5. Practice, practice, practice
Take your camera everywhere. Photograph your kids, your friends, the landscapes you see, whatever it is that catches your eye. Or whatever doesn't catch your eye. Try and make the uninteresting interesting! The more you shoot the more you will learn!


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