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Andreasen Extended Family Photos

I loved meeting this great family! They just had a daughter return home from her mission so most of the family was together for a weekend. They hadn't had family photos taken in years! Even with this large group, there were still 8 missing they said! Whenever I photograph a large group like this that I've never met, one thing is certain--I will learn the names of the wildest grandchildren. Ha ha! Andi was her name this time. She's 3. I have a 3 year old, so I can totally relate. I love it really. They have such a big personality in a tiny body! And they make it really easy to capture the honesty in life. :)

Mary found a beautiful property with some nice landscaping for our backdrop. We were also blessed with clouds all morning, right up to the minute we finished with photos! It couldn't have been more perfect. Also, this almost NEVER happens when I photograph a group this large--but I didn't have to do ANY head swaps! These kids did amazing! And the parents too, haha! I always tell parents to just look at the camera, because the moment they're looking at their child to make sure they're smiling at the camera, they will be, and the parent won't be. ;)

Photographing big family groups like this is such a joy honestly. I was fortunate to grow up fairly close (in proximity and relationship) to my cousins and I think there's just such a special bond that cousins can share. I hope my kids can have similar relationships with their cousins as well.

These little siblings were a riot and basically wouldn't look at the camera the same time. Siblings are the best. They have such a unique relationship and I so enjoy capturing that.

Here's the 3 year old in all her glory...including how she really felt at the end.


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