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Bear Lake Stradley Family Photos

We went to Bear Lake with my parents and siblings for a week long vacation a couple of weeks ago and of course we had to get family photos since it had been 2 years since the last ones! We found a gorgeous location not far from where we were staying and worked it out to get them done our first night there so we could just enjoy the rest of the trip. :)
We've added 2 new little ones since the last time we had photos together. I can't believe how big some of these grandkids have gotten! It's so fun to watch them all play together, especially since my boys are finally getting to that age where they will just go off and play with their cousins. They especially adored Walter this year, who is just a couple years older than Sam.
I grew up in a family of boys. 3 older brothers and one younger. But I've been blessed with 4 awesome sisters because of them! I look up to each of them, although I'm taller than most of them. ;) And my brothers are pretty great as well. 

So thankful for these amazing people that I get to call my parents. They do so much for all of us still. I love learning from them and I love watching them with my kids. They make the best grandparents.

And sometimes, you have to do a headswap (on the left) or just deal with that one child (on the right) who is so over being in front of the camera. (Even though he's usually the one saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" the entire time.) But, that's our life, and we love it. (Although look at those smiling faces and how perfect of a photo would that one have been?! Ha ha!)

The grandkids. Oldest to youngest. At least, I think I got the twins in the right order. :)

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