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The Best Times To Take Family Photos

So, obviously, there's not one right answer. But here's some tips to help you decide what is going to be best for YOUR family in this stage of your life.

The best time of day to take photos is generally a little before sunset. You get some gorgeous light and no harsh sun. Since the time that the sun sets changes throughout the year that can mean different things for different families. In the summer it doesn't set until closer to 9 pm here in Utah, so if you've got older kids who can stay up later and not throw tantrums, this would totally work! The big pro to summer photos is that the weather is usually going to be fairly reliable, which means less chance of rescheduling.

In the spring time the sun is setting a little earlier which can be great if you have little kids that don't do so well staying up past their bedtime. This gives you the beautiful light at an earlier hour while still having a the option of a green backdrop rather than bare trees and plants. :) The biggest downside I've seen to Spring photos is the weather. You may have to be ok with the possibility of rescheduling due to rain.

The fall can be a gorgeous time for photos. Like Spring it allows for an earlier time slot. I also feel like I'm not rescheduling as often in the fall as I do in the Spring due to weather. Plus, since the weather is getting colder, many families dress for cooler weather in their photos with cardigans, scarfs, ect. so even if it does get chilly, it's more manageable.

I love winter photos. I think they are GORGEOUS with all the snow. You lose light much quicker in the winter time, so you've got to photograph earlier in the day. You also can't predict the weather, so getting fresh snow on the day you planned may not happen. Rescheduling or playing it by ear, depending on your photographer's schedule and willingness, are definitely possibilities if you're looking for a snowy background. Or, you could just head up a canyon where you're bound to find loads of it! I also don't recommend snowy or cold winter sessions for small children or adults who despise the cold. :)

What time of year is your favorite to take photos??


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