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3 Signs You Are Experiencing Healing And Growth
Guest Post By Jessica Bright

As a life coach and therapist, I get to be a witness of the change and progress my clients make.  When I first start to work with someone, I like to ask my clients to tell me how they will know that the issue that brought them in is getting better.  When I ask this question, I usually get something along the lines of “I will be happier, less angry, less depressed.” Or, “I will get along better with those around me.”  Here are a few other indicators of progress that may be over looked but still very true indicators that real change is taking place.

1. You might be more reactive—It is common that after you start a therapy or coaching program, and after a few sessions into your program, you may start to feel very intense emotions.  These emotions can sometimes be triggered even stronger than before you started therapy or coaching. You might even find yourself being more reactive especially with those you are closest to and It could be tempting to see this as a sign that you are not making progress.  If this scenario sounds familiar to you, I encourage you to look a little deeper at what might be happening before concluding the work you are doing is not ineffective. Sometimes, when we are on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment things really do get worse before they get better and I personally believe this is because as a shift is taking place within us; stifled and buried emotions are finally making their way to the surface.

2.  You might find yourself pondering a lot and wanting to isolate—As shifts are taking place in your heart and mind, you might find that you are spending more and more time in deep processing.  This deep thinking and reflection might leave you feeling tired and drained; and the things that were once fun and exciting like going out to dinner with friends or connecting socially may seem daunting and/or superficial some days.  Know this is normal for many individuals and usually temporary. If you experience this make sure to give yourself plenty of opportunities to take time to process and sit with your thoughts and feelings. Self-care and self-grace will be important, and if you are not already doing this, mediation, mindfulness, and writing in a journal can assist you in your deep processing and discovery.

3.  You Look Back on Life with Fondness—One of the indicators in my own personal life that healing is taking place is that I am able to look back on painful moments and hard experiences and appreciate them and feel a fondness for them.  From this place, it is also easier to see the lessons you learned through these experiences and even recognize how they may have happened for you and not to you.  

Jessica is a marriage and family therapist. She's also been one of my best friends for over a decade! She has gained so much education and experience through the years. She's an incredible human being and has always been all about helping people. On top of running her own business she's a wife and mother to 2 of the cutest kids. You can find out more about her and what she does on her website, www.brighttherapyandcoaching.com and follow her on instagram!


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