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Printing Your Photos

For smaller prints, I generally use Shutterfly, just because I can usually find a better deal/it's a little cheaper and their quality is still fantastic. I also use Shutterfly to print photo books. I do a book for each child's first year, a yearly book for our family and a book for each vacation. I find it's much easier than scrapbooking, and we think the price is comparable. If you do photo books on Shutterfly, definitely wait for the 50% off coupon, AND wait for the free unlimited extra pages! That'll save you lots. I just keep the books in my cart until those coupons come up.

For my own personal use, I print large prints (like the 16x20 of our family that hangs in the front room) at mpix.com. I LOVE their quality. And their shipping time is real decent as well. They get the colors just right and their products just turn out beautifully. I have never been disappointed by them.

When I print canvases for my wedding clients I use Cg Pro Prints or Easy Canvas Prints. They both have good quality and are fairly economical.

We just printed some pictures of our 3 kids all at the same age on metal to hang in our bedroom. We've always wanted to do something on metal, but we never were sure what we wanted that big hanging on our walls long term. As I began researching places and their prices for metal prints, I found that they can get quite pricey, as expected. A photographer on Facebook suggested Picture it Custom. They had some great deals for what we were looking for and their quality was awesome.


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