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What to Wear for an Engagement Session

What To Wear For Engagement Photos

It's not an uncommon question asked of any session. But these are your engagement photos! They only happen once, and some people stress about what to wear. Here's a few tips that might help you decide.

1. Mix it up
Don't hesitate to talk to your photographer about having 2 outfits. It's a pretty common thing. I've seen many couples who like to do a nicer/dressier outfit and then a more casual one.

2. Keep it simple
You don't have to go out and buy 2 completely new outfits. Find some things you already own and love and see if any of those will work with what your fiance has to wear! Also, don't forget about paying attention to what kinds of patterns and how many patterns your clothes have--they can often distract from the photo if it looks too busy.

3. Classy
You can't go wrong with a shirt & tie and a nice dress. Above they chose a classic black and white which I thought was so classy, but feel free to throw in some color too!

4. Be yourself
You like star wars? Get some star wars shirts! (Like the couple above did, and it was adorable, ok?) The couple shown below had these "Stettler" bronco shirts because that's how he proposed and they wanted to showcase that! Bring your own ideas and personality to the session! You won't regret it. 

5. Dress for the season
You might be getting married in the summer, but getting engagement photos in the early spring or winter. Wear clothes that match the season. It looks more cohesive and you will be more comfortable. You can wear sweaters, cardigans or scarves when it's chillier and it still looks cute. Just take the weather into account when planning your outfits. :)

6. Accessories/layers
Bring a cardigan or necklace to throw on for a few of the photos to mix things up a little bit or add some color for a few shots!

7. As always, wear something comfortable
I don't think I can stress this enough honestly. If you're not comfortable in the outfit you choose, it can show in your photos, and you'll probably end up less than happy with the result. Make sure your truly comfortable and happy with the outfit you pick, it can make or break your session.


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