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What To Expect At An Extended Family Session

Extended family sessions can seem like a stressful event. There are often times a lot of people to coordinate with, outfits to get ready and schedules to work around. I sometimes wonder if people think it's not worth the effort for what they get. I'll tell ya what, it's always worth it, and I am here to make sure things go smoothly and you get what you pay for, and then some. Here's a quick run-down of how these sessions go.

1. The Group Shot
I always get at least 2 separate shots of the entire group with a different background so you're sure to have options. I usually do these first, as they involve the most people and it tends to be one of the more "important" photos to capture.

3. The Grandkids
If there's grandchildren involved I'm sure to grab a shot of them, with and without the grandparents. I try to get as many of the little kid shots done first before they get too antsy. I have a couple treasured photos of me and my cousins. I really enjoy watching all the family interactions that take place during these sessions.

4. Individual Shots
Sometimes people want individual shots of the kids and grandkids for the wall. Those don't take long and I don't mind doing that if it's asked of me. :)

5. Parents & Kids
I love getting photos of just the parents/grandparents and their adult children. 

6. Couples Shots
Everyone deserves to have a nice photo with their spouse! I save these for last because there's no kids involved, and they're quick and easy.

7. Individual families
So it's like you're getting your own family photos, but at the same time as everyone else. But hey, killing 2 birds with one stone, right? Or 2 sessions, with one photographer? :)

So don't stress, I've got some experience under my belt and am not afraid to take charge. Feel free to ask me for extra shots or contact me before with any concerns/worries/questions you might have! It's only an hour of your time to capture some priceless memories that will last a lifetime!


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