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Summer Bucket List Ideas

Water Park
We've only been to one water park, and that was in Colorado 2 years ago. (Water World, recommended by a friend, and it was fantastic, even with 2 little children.) But I've heard good things about Cherry Hill and honestly, water is just fun.

Ice cream/Shaved Ice on a walk

We like to go up to Aggie Ice cream and walk around campus. It's a good way to get out and still try to keep cool on those hot days. :)

Thanksgiving Point
My parents get a pass every year for this place, and it hasn't gotten old yet. They've got a great variety, some indoor and outdoor, so it's great for the nice days and the too hot day! My boys love the dinosaur museum, the pony rides and the discovery place.

Lots and lots of picnics. At different parks. Never gets old. One of our favorite places on really hot days is Merlin Olsen Park here in Logan. It's got a nice little river running through it that is generally pretty shallow, so I put the kids in swim suits and we hang out near the river where it's nice and cool.

Who doesn't love amusement parks? It's obviously pricey, and we wouldn't pay to go with little kids, but if you've got older kids, I've got friends who did the summer pass and it seems to be keeping them busy! And I think a big plus to the summer pass idea, is you don't feel like you need to be there ALL day long, cause you can just come back another day.

Splash Pads
We do picnics here too. And honestly, we have pretty lame splash pads in Cache Valley. The best one I've seen is in North Logan. But if you head down towards Ogden you'll find some pretty fun ones.

There obviously isn't a beach in Utah, but California isn't THAT far away! We're trying to make it a new tradition to get there once a year. We went last year and the kids were in heaven!

Farmer's Market
We love going to the Farmer's market every Saturday morning. We usually buy a little treat to share as a family.

Ogden Dinosaur Park
This is a yearly tradition for us as well. It's a fun place with lots of statue dinosaurs and it doesn't cost that much! The kids love looking at all of the dinosaurs, digging for bones and playing on the fun playgrounds.

My kids would go swimming all day every day if they could. It's just a bit more difficult to keep an eye on 3 kids by myself than it was 2 kids...

Lake Day
We are fairly close to Bear Lake and it never disappoints. We head there once a year for sure. It's almost like the beach up at the North Shore on the Idaho side. Make sure you get there early enough to stake out a spot though!

Movie at the Park
Summer nights are the perfect nights for outdoor movies. Plus, it leaves your couch cushions free of the usual popcorn after.

We're not real big hikers in this house, but we do like to get out and enjoy nature! Some favorites of ours include the Logan River Trail, Second Dam and Spring Hollow.


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