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Carley Senior Photos

Carley is Travis' cousin. We finally got around to taking some senior photos for her! She ran cross country and track for her High School. Now that she's graduated she's planning on heading to Utah State University in the fall for college! I'm so excited for her!
I follow Carley on social media, and I'd seen several photos of a certain boy. I got to hear all about him after our session. He's currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I'm thinking Carley might just be around when he gets back. ;) It was fun to hear about how they met and started dating. I really think she's in such a great time of life. Lots of new things, but so many fun things as well!
I haven't done a ton of portrait sessions where just one person is involved. Give me a couple in love and I can tell you where to put your hands and which way to tilt your head all day long! I will admit I had to turn to pinterest to get some more inspiration for posing ideas, ha ha! But Carley was willing to go along with any idea I had and I think they turned out so great, and I was happy to have some more practice with individual photos.
This girl is gorgeous inside and out. I feel like she has a quiet confidence about her that many people wish for their whole lives. I think she's gonna do great things in the world. :) Congrats Carley!


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