What is a Mini Session and Why is it a Good Idea? | Stacey Marble Photography

Mini Sessions

A mini session is just what it sounds like. It's a photo session that is shorter than a regular session. The photographer will generally choose a date and location and have several spots open for that day and you can choose which time slot you want. It allows them to get several people photos at that location and saves them time. But, you say, why would I want a mini session? Well, let me give you a few possible reasons that it might be a good idea.

Shorter amount of time
This is a perfect type of session to get some photos if you've got little kids with short attentions spans, or if you want a few shots of you and your significant other, or you and your kids! Or maybe you run a business and need some good head shots or some content to post on social media! Portrait sessions such as seniors don't always need a full hour since it's just one person, so it can be nice to plan accordingly and not pay for time that isn't needed.

Less Money
This is a nice perk of a mini session. Photos can be expensive, it's true. And some years you may not want to pay the full price for a session, but you also don't want to hire your cousin who just bought a new camera to take those photos that you want to hang on your wall. So a mini session is one possible solution for you! You get the photographer with experience, and you get to pay less than what a full session costs.

Still get plenty of photos
Are you worried you won't get all the shots you want? (Well, then maybe you should just do a full session.) But if you're looking for the basics, this is golden. Most photographers let you know how many photos you'll be getting so you're not disappointed, but it will still be plenty to choose from and have those memories and prints to place around your home.

Great location
Photographers generally choose a good time of year and a nice looking location for these sessions! You don't have to think about location at all in fact, you just have to show up to a pretty spot!


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