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Page & Lawson Wedding

Page and I served as mission companions for the last 6 weeks of my mission in New Hampshire. We had so many great times together, and so many adventures, including meeting and getting a ride home from Mitt Romney. ;) I honestly feel so blessed to know this woman. And I am so happy for her and Lawson. I only met Lawson the day of their wedding, after they came out of the temple as man and wife, but I know he's a great guy, cause Page would accept nothing less.

I had never been to the Winter Quarters Temple in Nebraska and was so so so excited and a little shocked when Page called me and asked if I would be willing to be their photographer for their wedding day. It ended up being a pretty crazy weekend for me. I shot Tiffany & Adam's wedding the day before Page's in Ogden, Utah. I flew out that night, got in just before midnight, made it to a hotel and got up the next day ready for another wedding. :) I was thrilled to be able to serve 2 friends in the same weekend though.

Page's wedding day was definitely a celebration with friends and family. I loved sitting back occasionally and just watching the festivities. There was truly a feeling of complete JOY. I just soaked it in. Loving every minute. All weddings are happy, but there was just something extra special about this one for me.

I had to include these photos. Our mission president and his wife were in Nebraska to visit one of their daughters for Easter, so they were able to come to the wedding! It was so great to see them, along with Hillary, another missionary that Page served with.

And I got to spend a bit of time before the wedding with Page and some of her awesome friends as she got ready for the day! Loved every minute!!!
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