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Must Have Shots To Get On Your Wedding Day

The Temple Shot
If you're getting married at a temple, you need a great shot of you as a couple in front of the temple. One where you can see the whole temple preferably. My mom has one of these shots of each of her 5 kids hanging on a wall in her home. :)

Group Shot/Kiss Shot
You know the one, where the Bride & Groom kiss and everyone there to support them cheers in excitement for them!

First Kiss/First Dance
Obviously, they are the first time doing these things as husband & wife, so it's fun to have those moments on camera. These can be such sweet, tender moments. Make sure your photographer is ready to catch these.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Get photos of your tribes! These are the people who support you and care about you! They are there to celebrate your big day with you, don't miss the chance to get some photos taken with them. These are the friends that are there for the long haul!

Ring Shots
I don't care you how do it, get a shot to showcase your rings! Yeah, I know you'll have them on your finger for the rest of your life to look at, but it's a fun way for others to see them too! Think of generations to come looking back at what type of rings you guys picked out. I have a white gold ring, my mom has yellow gold, her mom has white gold. I'm interested now to see if my daughter will keep with the trend, or if something completely different will be in style at that point!

The Families
This one is a given, but nonetheless, it's still important. Moms like to have something to hang on the wall! And you're all together, which for some doesn't happen that often, so might as well get that group shot.

Just the Two of You
In your wedding attire, hair & make-up done, looking your best, make the most of it by getting some great photos to hang on the walls and put in the scrap books.

Personality Revealing
Some couples aren't for this idea, but then there's the other ones. They love to have some goofy, fun photos to show their true colors, and their family's personality even! I think it's a great idea, and never hesitate to give your photographer an idea for a shot you have in mind! They may not know exactly what you & your family are comfortable doing in front of the camera.

The Venue
You've spent a lot of time planning, prepping and paying for all things wedding, including the venue. It's great go have a photo of the venue.

I'm a huge fan of the classic dip photo.

Cutting the Cake
I don't know where this tradition came from, but it's a fun one. Whether you are kind to each other, or smash the cake, it's a cute photo to have. :)

The Exit Shot
At temple wedding ceremonies, no photos are allowed inside, so this is the first photograph that you'll have of the two of you as a married couple! Everyone waits outside those doors and cheers as you exit.

Your Personality & The Groom
Don't forget about the groom! He may not care if he gets a photo taken of just himself, but you might. Also, so many couple have little details that show off their personality, like shoes, a certain bouquet, or jewelry. I love capturing those little things about you!


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