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Twins Baptism Photos

My nieces are 8 and got baptized! Tiffany didn't want to make me go back down to Salt Lake to take their photos cause she knew April was busy for me, but I insisted, and I'm so glad I did. These girls are so cute and so fun! I loved seeing more of their individual personalities. Nicole was really into taking photos, Lauren got tired of smiling for the camera real quick, ha ha! But they both did great. Lauren is the dancer of the two, while Nicole spends her time in karate class! They're best friends and they spent any time not taking photos holding hands and skipping around the temple grounds. Tiffany claims they've never held hands so much in their entire life.

It was also fun to see their personalities shine through in the different dresses they chose for their baptism day. You can tell they've got different taste just by that. I can't believe how big they're getting honestly. These two were born while I was serving a mission in New England. They were about 4 months old when I returned home. And now, here they are, 8 years later making their own decisions in life.

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