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6 Things You Might Not Know About Your Photographer

1. They'll miss you after sessions are over
This is especially true with wedding photographers! They often meet with you before your first session, you have an engagement session, bridals/formals and then finally, the big day. They consider you friends at this point. After the wedding, well, hanging out with you isn't gonna be much of an option anymore. :)

2. They invest a lot in YOU
They learn to love you! You, your fiance, your family, your kids, whoever it is you're with, They spend time away from their family capturing yours, and then even more time staring at your faces to edit those lovely photos. ;)

3. They want to hear what you think
Maybe you do know this one, but if you didn't, it's true. We're waiting anxiously to hear that you (hopefully) are in love with the photos we've given to you. Our goal is to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

4. They have an education
I gained a BFA in photography from USU. I've also have invested in other classes online and from other photographers. Most photographers have invested in similar types of education, and are still doing so. You can trust them with your moments.

5. Their hours are more than just what you see
You might see your photographer for maybe an hour. But, they might have more than one session that week, or even that day. And then they've got to look through all the photos they've taken from all their sessions, and then they get to edit them. Photographers have different systems and turn-around times. Make sure you know what to expect when it comes to getting your photos back.

6. Each photographer has a different style
You might have noticed that different photographers edit differently. Light and airy, dark and moody, true to life, ect. It's important that you find a photographer that has an edit style that you like. It's also important to notice their shooting style. Some photographers pose people more "formally" with everyone smiling at the camera. Many choose to capture some more "candid" looking photos, where people are interacting with each other, often not looking at the camera. It's a great idea to familiarize yourself with what your chosen photographer's style is so you're not surprised, or disappointed, by what you get!


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