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What To Wear For Family Photos

There's really not one right answer for this. But here's a few ideas to get you started.

1. Dress it up.
Some of our favorite family photos are pictured above. Not too fancy, but not casual. Button down and tie, polos, skirt and a nice top. We even put the little boys in shorts.

2. Choose a color scheme
Sometimes it's just as simple as choosing 3 colors that go well together and finding everyone in the family something with those colors. It's often helpful to choose a neutral color, such as gray, black, beige, white or brown.

3. Dress for the season
If you're getting photos in the snow, don't be afraid to dress in warm clothes. Add in mittens, hats and scarves if you want! No one will question why you're dressed so warm when they see the snowy photos. :) If it's summer, feel free to put on the shorts, summer dresses and flip flops! We did our last photos at the beach and were barefoot, all the boys in shorts, polos and button downs. I got to wear a cute swing dress. There are so many options for the warmer weather. 

4. Keep it simple
This. This one I think is key. It's fine to have some patterns, but don't choose too many clothes with lots of patterns. They can clash and be distracting in the photos. When in doubt, simplify.

5. Be yourself
No matter what you choose, try and reflect your family's personality. I see lots of pretty pictures of women in fancy dress, pretty sequins, the "perfect" outfit, but if I'm being honest with myself, if I were to wear those things for my family photos, I probably wouldn't want to hang it in my house, because it would be fake. You know what "you" looks like, be true to that. I'm not saying show up in your yoga pants and a t-shirt, but keep it real. Don't buy an outfit for photos that you'd never wear again. :)

6. Add Accents
Adding in an accent color on top of neutrals can be fun and give you just the right amount pop of color.

7. Dress it down
I mentioned this before with the weather, but really, it's ok if you're not wearing your best for photos. Let your kids pick their favorite shirt and see what happens! Everyone might just be a bit happier for the pictures, you'll be capturing some true personality and the comfort level will be high as well.

8. Add layers
I love this idea. This gives you the option of taking a layer off if you get too warm, or for a different look in a few of the photos if you want.

9. Find the outfit you want first
I've heard this so many times. Mom, find the outfit you want to wear for photos first, and then get everyone else's. It can be so much easier once you've got on thing picked out. Also, pick something you're comfortable in! Photos can be stressful enough without constantly thinking about how you look in your dress, or making sure your shirt is tucked in just right. 


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