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Station Studio | River Heights, Utah

I live down the street from this perfect studio. It has such great natural light and uses all of their space so efficiently so you're sure to get some variety as well! A little back story for you. When we moved here there was a little run down building at the end of the main road. We thought it would be fantastic if they turned it into an ice cream shop actually. (We used to love walking to the different ice cream shops when we lived in Logan, but now we don't live close enough to any.)
Anyway, the Cascios ended up getting permission to turn it into a photo studio, but they had to restore it so that it looked like the old gas station that it used to be in order to keep it's historical value or something. That's why it looks like a gas station. But I love it; it totally adds to it's charm.
On top of being able to use this studio for photo sessions, they rent it out for classes, parties, and who knows what else! It really is a great space with lots of potential. And although it's not an ice cream shop, I'm glad we've got a nice studio just down the road. It comes in super handy when weather doesn't cooperate for photos, or people want photos in the dead of winter when it's 10 degrees.
Check out their website to learn more!


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