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My Bucket List

I've realized that my bucket list is a little bit small, so maybe I'll work on that. Or maybe I'll just accept that I'm easily pleased? I dunno, we'll see. :)
Spend a summer in Europe with my family
This was actually Travis' idea, but it's grown on me for sure. We think it would be fun to live like the locals and be able to visit a few surrounding areas while we're there.

From my trip to Germany for study abroad.
Learn to play the harmonica
I have one. My roommate in college had one and convinced me to get one. I could play some songs, but I had no idea what I was doing really. So I would love to learn to really play it.

Go on a cruise
We're actually checking this one off really really soon and I'm so excited! If you have any tips for cruising, let me know!

Surprise Travis with something he actually wants
This. This would be my biggest accomplishment in life I think. Even if I do get him a surprise, he always manages to guess what it is! And he's the hardest to shop for because he loves expensive, tech-y things that he's done all of his research on. For our first Christmas together I got him the DVD of Rocketman because the first time I saw him I thought he looked a lot like the main character in that movie. He guessed it. I was so mad. I even put the DVD in a box with some canned food so that it weighed way more than a movie. 

Complete a triathlon
I've already checked marathon off of my list, but I'd still love to get this one checked off as well. Although I don't run much anymore, and I'm a terrible swimmer, but one day I plan on doing one, even if it's just one of those half ones.

After the St. George marathon with the best running buddy ever, Janae. :)
Leave a ridiculously large tip at a restaurant
I just think it would be fun to really make someone's day/night. :)

Take a cooking class
I've wanted to do this with Travis for a while now. Learn something new and maybe gain some new skills for the kitchen.

Star in a musical
I always wanted to try out for the musicals in high school, but I ran cross country and track and there just wasn't enough time in the day for both. Plus, I never did any theater, so I wasn't hopeful to score a lead role, and honestly, the thought of putting in time "just" to be in the chorus wasn't terribly appealing. My dad played a lead role or two in his high school days, so maybe that's where this idea has come from....


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