Marble Family Photos | Sand Diego Beach Photos

While we were on our trip to San Diego we decided to get family photos taken on the beach--it's always been one of my bucket list items. Mattie Geist took them and let me edit. She did such a great job, especially with the kids. I love how they turned out and will treasure them forever. If you have never had photos taken on the beach, I highly recommend it. Plus, it's like a souvenir of our trip will be hanging on our wall for at least the next year! :)

The biggest challenge was keeping Sam out of the water before we were done! But it worked out so well. Also, I suggest taking photos on the first day of the trip for several reasons. First of all, for those who tend to sunburn, you won't be red as a lobster in all your photos! Secondly, nobody's too tired and cranky and then once they're done you don't have to stress about them anymore and you can simply spend the rest of your trip relaxing and having fun, just as it should be.

I loved the golden light as the sun set over the ocean. It was such a different experience from the Utah mountains. I could have tried to get some shots of our whole family with my camera and then taken some of just the kids, but it is so much less of a hassle to just hire someone to be behind the camera and tell you how to pose rather than running back and forth from your camera to make sure you got a good shot. I had the rest of the trip to get my own photos of their little personalities, it was 100% worth it to have someone take our photos. Have you ever had pictures taken on the beach or on a family vacation? It might be a new thing for us. :)


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