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This post was supposed to be about who/what inspires me. Rachel is one of the first people who came to mind, so now it's just a post about her. :)
College days. We learned something, I promise. :) Also, Rachel dressed up as a pregnant woman for Halloween. Ha ha!
I am inspired by a lot of different people. Many of them are photographers that I follow on instagram, many are not. One of the people who constantly inspires me and helps me to become better (at more than just photography) is my friend Rachel. A lot of people around here probably know her, or at least know about her. She works for Kylee, with Kylee Ann Photography. I met Rachel about 10 years ago in college. We were both studying Photography at USU. She was shy. I wasn't terribly outgoing. We eventually became friends because, well, there were like, 12 of us in the program and we spent HOURS together in the dark room, so we kind of had to be friends. Ha ha! Good thing too, cause turns out, Rachel is an amazing human being!

Anywaaaaay. Yes, Rachel is an incredible photographer, but beyond that, she is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She is so genuine and so full of faith. I've learned so much about noticing God's hand in my life from her and the experiences she's shared. She's amazing with children and loves my kids about as much as I do. She even willingly, without hesitation, came and spent the night (with her awesome sister) when I went into labor with baby girl, so that we didn't have to pawn the boys off on a neighbor. That's how amazing she is.

I watch Rachel serve her clients as though they are her best friends. And that's probably because they have become her best friends. She is over prepared for every situation and I wish I could be like that. I want to serve my clients the way Rachel serves hers. I want to serve my friends and family that way too. Basically, I want to be like Rachel when I grow up. 

I'm also terrible at taking pictures of me and my friends, so we have no current photos together. Basically all from college...


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