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What To Expect At Your Family Session

I know what you're thinking. What exactly do I get with a family session?
Husbands are probably hoping it's one quick shot and you're out of there!
I'll tell you what, I try to be as quick as we can, but you definitely get more than one shot!
With a basic family session, I can assure you that you will get more than
you bargained for. I know what it's like to get family photos back and wish we'd
got a shot in a different spot, or one more pose, so I make sure that your wishes will come true.

I almost always start with the whole family.
We take generally 3 photographs of your entire family, in 3 separate spots at the location we've decided on. This also allows us to get 3 separate poses/groupings. What can I say? I love variety.

If you have little children, we try to get all of their photos over with as quick as possible while they're not worn out and tired of being in front of the camera. I get individuals of each child, as well as a group photo of the kids. I am sure to give you the wall-worthy ones as well as the cute, fun-filled ones.

 I'm happy to play along with kids and capture them doing what they do best to give them a little break. Sometimes these photos turn out to be among my favorites! I also often have smarties with me, just in case. These are a great bribe because they're small and not messy!

I'm sure to get one of mom and dad by themselves as well!

I love having a nice, smiley, posed photo to hang on the wall, but I also enjoy having some interactive/personality-showing ones to have around and remember how my family really was at that stage in life. So I try to capture some of those moments along the way as well. It can be as simple as a "group hug" to "tickle baby sister!" It's not too hard to bring out some laughs, even from the teenagers.

Often people like to get one of just the girls, just the boys, ect. and I am always happy to oblige.
If there's any other photos you want, it's generally not a problem, so don't be afraid to speak up before or during a session! My goal is to make you happy with your photos. :)

You can see more examples of family sessions (full sessions included) at my website!
Feel free to contact me with any questions and to book a session of your own!


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