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Kristen & Gavin's Wedding

I had heard bits and pieces of Kristen & Gavin's love story. From what I gathered, it went way back. So I asked Kristen if she'd write it out for me to put on the blog, and I'm so glad I did. 
Sit back and enjoy her side of the story!

"Simply put, I always have and always will love Gavin Holmgren. Gavin and I grew up together in Bear River City and attended the same elementary school. I had a crush on him in the 4th grade and then he, being a grade above me, moved on to Box Elder. A year later I moved on and went the opposite direction to Bear River. 
When I was a junior in high school we both served on the Youth City Council. This is when we really got to know each other and spent a lot of time together. This is also when he took me to my junior prom. It was when we were on our way home from prom and singing our hearts out to the radio that I realized that I loved Gavin. We continued going on dates and getting to know each other the rest of my junior year. Then he graduated and went off to live the graduated big kid life and we didn't speak until a year later when I graduated.
We talked via text for a week and then went on a date. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night. I was not prepared for that question after our first date in a year. In my moment of shock I said yes. I was excited yet terrified by my feelings for Gavin and my desire to serve a full time mission. We were "official" for about six weeks until I broke up with him because I wasn't ready for a relationship and I knew I needed to go on a mission.
After serving my 18 month mission I came home terrified of marriage. I felt that I was too young and not mature enough for that kind of commitment. I decided the best course of action was to avoid Gavin until I was ready for marriage. I knew if I started dating him again I would have to marry him sooner rather than later. After 3+ years of waiting I realized he wasn't going to make a move. So, finally on July 24, 2018 I got sick of waiting and made the first move. Now six months later I am married to the love of my life, Gavin Holmgren. It was definitely worth the wait."

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