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Engagement Sessions and Why I LOVE Them!

While I love photographing a variety of sessions, I think Engagement sessions remain at the top of the list of my favorite ones to shoot. I love the wedding day as well, and families come in close, but when it's just me and a couple (and occasionally a mom or a best friend,) it's so low key and fun! I always look forward to these kinds of shoots.

I enjoy the time that the engagement session gives me to really get to know a couple before their wedding day. I can find out more about their lives, how they met and started dating, and of course how they got engaged. Every story is so unique, and I adore every love story.

Their joy brings me joy. Those of you who are married, whether it be for a short or long time, don't you love seeing people newly in love? It brings back memories for me of when my husband and I were dating and engaged. That time doesn't last long, but it's pretty blissful. All of these couple I get to photograph, I'm capturing true joy. They are both so happy to be there! A photographer couldn't ask for anything more.

When it's just the 3 of us with a full hour or more to take amazing photos, I have the time to try out new things and bring some more creativity to the session that others don't always allow. Whether it's posing, silhouettes or locations, there's often more room for me to use my imagination and achieve our visions. 

If I'm not already friends with you, the goal is to be by the end of the session. And when it's a couple about to get married, I know I get to hang out with them at least one more time. :) 


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