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Behind the Scenes

A bit of what goes on in the photography life of Stacey

There's a lot of work that goes into running a business. I'm still learning that in fact. I started this photography business because I love it. I practically took photos for free for far too long. Once I had kids I finally decided I needed to make it worth my time if I was going to continue this gig. I love having something to do that is me; just me, not my kids. It gives me a creative outlet and allows me to keep seeing myself as more than "just a mom." (Although I LOVE being a mom and wouldn't trade that title for anything."

Before a photo session, I'm often as nervous or more nervous than you are. Capturing your memories is a big task, one that I don't take lightly. But I'm also at least as excited as you. I double check my gear, charge all my batteries, watch the weather like a hawk & leave my house early in case of traffic or delays. I come prepared with experience under my belt and often with new ideas in mind.

After your session I pick the best photos to edit and return to you as quickly as possible. This might seem like an easy task, and it's mostly not too difficult (except narrowing it down to the best can sometimes be a challenge, ha ha!) but with 3 kids at home it can seem daunting. Honestly, I do a lot of editing on the floor of my boy's bedroom. We trapped ourselves into this awful situation where they feel like they need us in their room in order to fall asleep. So, I make the best of it and work on my laptop. As I reflect on it it's actually a great place for me to edit (minus the back pain) because I have very little distractions during that time.

You'll receive your photos in the format of an online gallery on my website where you're able to download the full resolution images for yourself. I'm also willing to make a disc if that's something you desire.

Anyway, this "job" keeps me busy but I'm thankful for that. It has been an amazing journey and I am excited to see where else it take me and how much more I will learn and grow through the years.

Photo Credit: Moments by Taya Photography


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