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9 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

First of all, congratulations! Such an exciting time of life!
So, now what? You've got the ring. Where do you go from here?
It might seem overwhelming to think of all that needs to be done before the big day, but don't stress, you will be fine; One of the first things my husband & I did after he proposed was watch "IQ." There's no right answer really, but here's a few pointers for you to get started!

1. Call your family
Don't let your mom find out from a Facebook status change or a photo of your hand with a ring on it. Make sure you call your family members and friends to tell them the good news yourself!

2. Set a date
Maybe you've already got one picked out, or perhaps you've no clue. Either way, nailing down when this party is going down should be near the top of your list because other things on the list rely on it.

3. Book your photographer
This can actually be done before you're even engaged, and depending on how long or short your engagement it, the earlier you book the better. Plan a date for engagement photos and make sure they're available for the wedding day.

4. Find a dress
Have fun with this one! Go dress shopping with your mom and/or your best friends! It's never a bad idea to include those around you in your happiness and excitement. 

5. Choose a venue
Find something that fits your budget and your style. As a photographer, I'd also say consider the lighting. Light venues, outdoor venues or venues with lots of windows create a better space for pretty photos to be captured.

6. Discuss a budget
Make sure you and your fiance are on the same page when it comes to money. Figure out who is paying for what, how much you'd like to spend and what the top priorities are.

7. Make a guest list
Get a list from both sides, and ask your parents for their lists too! This is a day that they're celebrating as well.

8. Register for gifts
This one can be fun! Make it a date night! Whether you go into an actual store or make a list on Amazon.com, it's fun to choose things for your future life together.

9. Enjoy each other
Don't forget who this wedding is all about! Don't let the planning take all the fun out of the time you're engaged. Keep going on dates and spending time together. (And not just time planning the wedding.) 


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