Lindsay & Nolan Wedding | Payson Temple | Utah Wedding Photographer

I remember Lindsay as a cute little toddler. I was just at that perfect "love babysitting age" so I was always playing with her at family functions. Her cousin is my mom, so that makes us first cousins once removed, or something like that. I was thrilled when she asked if I would take their wedding photos! Nolan is amazing, and they are just so happy together. I loved spending time with them before their sealing outside the gorgeous Payson Temple to take some photos of just the two of them. I love the way he makes her laugh. So happy I got to be a part of their day and help them remember how perfect it all was.

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Also, Lindsay's little sister was in Australia, so she couldn't be at the wedding, but they had her on facetime basically the whole day and those are some of my favorite images. :) So fun that we live in a day where these things are possible!


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