Baby Liam | Newborn Photos | Utah Family Photographer

Jess and I go waaaaaay back. We first met in 7th grade band class, when I awkwardly went to introduce myself. She had just moved into our neighborhood down the street from me.
The rest is history. We had a different friendship though. We were not the inseparable pair--sure we ran cross country together and had classes together, but she was Student Body President, friends with everyone and I hung back a little with a different personality type.
Even when we were roommates for our first few years of college we rarely saw each other, ha ha!
But despite our differences and distances lived apart over the years, anytime we get together or chat on the phone it's like we never skipped a beat, and I love that about our friendship.
Jess and Andy recently had their second boy, little Liam, and he's as cute as his big sister!
I was so thrilled to go take some photos of this tiny little guy and his amazing family.

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