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Back to fall sessions. This was one of my favorites! Jamie had been wanting photos and I told her I could do them the next day or the next week, she chose the next day and pulled together the perfect outfit combinations overnight.
Blake works with my husband, and then we moved into the same neighborhood with them. I wasn't totally sure if Jamie and I would mesh well as great friends, but we hit it off and our boys are best friends which made it even easier. Jamie is just one of those people who is so real and you can just be yourself around. Her little girl was blessed with an incredible amount of hair that, you can imagine, gets her all the attention.
So glad to know these people. Enjoy the beautiful photos that they made so easy to capture!!
Go can see more at staceymarble.com!

I mean, just look at the cute little face though!

And his little hand on his dad's face was my favorite.


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