Paige Bridals

I got to spend a morning with the cute bride in Salt Lake last week just days
before her wedding. I love her dress and veil. Just classic.

The flowers on the grounds at Temple Square were just perfect for these photos.

So, my sob story of the year-- right after this next photo was taken, my camera fell.
It was totally my fault of course, but it broke. And that's all that mattered in the moment. 
Thankfully we had plenty of photos for her to choose from, but I still felt awful.
And with their wedding only 3 days away I definitely needed a camera.
Turns out it was a blessing in disguise.  I had been planning to upgrade my camera...eventually.
But last week I was forced to and it has been the greatest thing ever!
I love having a full frame camera and am glad I got it before the rest of this season's weddings.
Ok, that's enough of that tangent.  

Go see more of this beautiful bride at!


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