Daisha & Andres Wedding

This gorgeous couple got married a week and a half ago!
It was such a great day.  I think we were all glad that we had done
their pictures on the temple grounds earlier in the month
since it started pouring rain shortly after their ceremony.
But we were blessed with nice weather for all the group photos. :)

I love tender moments like this one below. 
Sometimes candid shots are the best.

This photo was the dad's idea. :) 

I'm loving what my new lens allows me to do. 
My husband challenges me to get at least one "new" shot each session.
This was definitely one of them.

Her shoes are adorable.  And I'm sure quite comfortable.
There's a practical bride for ya.

This next photo was also one of my new shots.
I've seen others do it but this was my first time and I think it's fantastic.
The Salt Lake Temple has such beautiful architecture.

 The reception was a party. Literally. On the invitation it was called a "fiesta."
And I tell you what, it was.
They had a taco truck out front and a couple hours of dancing.

I've never seen a wedding cake like this.
So so fun!

The bride and her father surprised everyone with a choreographed
dance after their slow dance together and they were great!

The last couple hours were just a huge dance party. 

Congrats to this happy couple!

Head over to my website, staceymarble.com, to see more of Daisha and Andres,
and then contact me to book your own session! :)


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