Paige & Aaron Engaged

My cousin gets to marry this awesome girl next month! Aaron and Paige are
totally perfect for each other.  Seriously.  I was told that after Aaron proposed they
went back to his house and played video games...because that's what they 
enjoy doing together. Ha ha! It makes me laugh.
But we love Paige and are so excited to have her in the family.
I loved taking their engagement photos and had a great time with them both.

It had become pretty cold the week before this session was planned, but thankfully
it warmed up for most of it.  I was not terribly happy with the direct sunlight
but I actually ended up loving some of the shots that were created, 
namely these two below with the patterns of the shadows.

Also, this one below is one of my absolute favorites from the session.  
I'm just in love with the simple colors and texture of it.

To see more of these cuties check out!!


  1. Nice! Such a great blog. :-) It's still very surreal that I'm getting married since I've never had a man in my life until now, haha. It'll be great!


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