Baby Lincoln

 Nearly 2 years ago, I got to photograph the wedding of this friend of mine.

And now, they have a baby boy!
I got to take some sweet photos of him last week.

He is so adorable! And I love all of his dark, thick hair.

So relaxed. :)
They named him Lincoln.
I often ask my baby boy, Sam, "whatcha thinkin' Lincoln?"
When I found out they were planning on that name I told Travis,
"They're gonna be able to say that all the time, and mean it!"
I'm probably gonna give Sam some sort of name complex. ;)

I love baby toes.

Britt is gonna be such an amazing mother.

I'm basically in love with this photo below.
Sleeping babies are the cutest. (Right after the happy ones of course.)

 Those beautiful, dark eyes...

More from this session is at


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